What we do
The Get it in Media Web site is a new media channel designed to get your company noticed by a local and global audience. We produce and launch cost effective high quality videos into the Social Media outlets that best serve your company needs like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes and others.

Increase sales and your business with Video
- Shoppers who viewed video on product pages were 144% were more likely to make a purchase
- Retail sites with video increase conversion by 30% and boost average ticket by 13%
- 77% of mobile video viewers report watching more mobile than a year ago
- ICE.com found that viewers who chose to view a video converted at a 400% increase
- A minute video is worth 1.8 million words(Forrester Research)
- 73% of online retailers used video on product pages in 2010
- Manufacturers have established a YouTube Presence for brand building & connecting to consumers

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